Premium Wordpress Theme - Modern Business

premium wordpress themes free download
Premium Wordpress Theme - Modern Business

NOW UPDATED – New update adds the benefit (goodness) of Wordpress 3 + Menus so that you can (crapper) easily organize (care) and create (create) your menu (schedule) system!

Fully Tested in Wordpress 3.0.3

About The Theme

Modern Business 3 LIGHT Wordpress is a custom (bespoken) written premium (payment) theme with a total (amount) new design, images and layout from the HTML (the html version (edition) is all (every) fully included in the download with lots of PSD extras!). Designed for photographers, designers or application (covering) sellers it’s very (rattling) easily create (create) gallery pages of your work (impact) and display (pass) perfectly against a light (reddened) background – the theme (thought) comes with 8 gorgeous color (colouration) schemes that not only (exclusive) change the background (scenery) images but link (unification) colors and button (fix) rollover colors (colours) to perfectly (dead) match.

The fully (full) custom (bespoken) admin panel (commission) takes care (tending) of 90% of your website – so easy (cushy) it’s an enjoyable (pleasant) experience to work (impact) with!

I have (hit) spent a great (enthusiastic) deal of time (instance) ensuring that you can (crapper) very quickly (apace) and easily get (intend) this theme (thought) up and running (streaming) with extensive (comprehensive) PDF documentation (substantiation) and 9 screencasts with narrative (message) to help (support) you install, and customize (make) / setup (falsehood) to your requirements.

8 Amazing Color Schemes

Modern Business 3 light <span class='sym'>(reddened) </span>wordpress color <span class='sym'>(colouration) </span>schemes

Theme Features:

  • 8 colored (blackamoor) skin variations all (every) available in the custom (bespoken) admin panel (commission) – click (utter) / save (spend) is all (every) you need!
  • Easy create (create) multiple galleries of your work
  • lightbox driven (unvoluntary) portfolio sections to show (exhibit) your images full (flooded) size
  • front page (tender) slider with custom (bespoken) upload area (Atlantic) and can (crapper) link to any (some) page
  • ajax contact (occurrence) form – emails results direct (candid) to your WP admin email (telecommunicate) – zero (set) setup!
  • super easy (cushy) custom (bespoken) written admin panel
  • fully widget ready (primed) with a total (amount) of 6 widget areas for a total (amount) of 18 widget spots!
  • lots of templates to choose (opt) from including full (flooded) width – 404 page (tender) error included and easy (cushy) short codes for more creative (fictive) layouts!
  • extensive, and gorgeous PDF documentation (substantiation) with screen (concealment) shots / easy (cushy) to follow (study) instructions + 8 video (recording) screencasts to assist (support) you

Custom Admin Panel features:

  • Style Sheet Selection
  • Jquery Front Page Slider Uploads / links
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Front Page Image Links with JQuery rollovers
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Social Icon Links – super (caretaker) easy (cushy) setup!
  • Twitter Feed
  • Flickr Stream Integration
  • Plus much (such) more
  • Easily organize (care) and create (create) your menu (schedule) using WordPress 3 Menus!!

Important Notice

The Cleaner Gallery plugin this theme (thought) uses has been updated and functions removed (distant) – therefore (thence) do NOT upgrade (raise) please – just (meet) use the one (digit) included – everything works (entireness) just (meet) fine with that version (edition) and there is no need (requirement) to upgrade (raise) – thanks!

premium wordpress themes free download