Premium Wordpress Theme - MagStar

premium wordpress themes free download
Premium Wordpress Theme - MagStar

MagStar is a stylish (smart) Wordpress theme (thought) designed for blogs, magazine (entrepot) sites and portfolios.

Features include

  • Automatic Menu. Add your pages to the main (important) menu with a couple (pair) clicks, no more HTML editing.
  • Automatic image (ikon) resizing. Forget about (most) preparing multiple (binary) versions of the same (aforementioned) image. FolioTime does it automatically.
  • Featured content (noesis) areas. A slider (person) and a “recommended” area (Atlantic) are included. Adding your posts to these is as easy (cushy) as clicking a checkbox.
  • Fully widgetized sidebar just (meet) drag and drop (modify) them to add additional (added) functionality to your site
  • Two custom (bespoken) built-in widgets. Don’t worry (vexation) installing third-party plugins, MagStar includes everything you need.
  • Paged navigation for better (meliorate) browsing trough (incurvation) the archives, no plugins required, everything works (entireness) right out (discover) of the box.
  • Four Background styles. Just in case (housing) you don´t like (same) blue.
  • Fully Featured Admin Panel. Modify the theme’s titles, messages and options from your wordpress admin panel. No more HTML editing!

Your purchase (acquire) includes

  • 1 theme. With all (every) the php files, templates and scripts ready (primed) to use-
  • 1 PSD File. In case (housing) you want (poverty) to make (attain) graphical changes to the theme
  • 2 custom (bespoken) widgets. Ready to use (ingest) out (discover) of the box.
  • E-mail support. If you have (hit) any questions, my e-mail address (come) is listed (traded) on the help (support) file, i’ll be glad (pleased) to help (support) you.

premium wordpress themes free download