Free Wordpress Theme - Durus

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Free Wordpress Theme - Durus

Durus is a free arcade games wordpress theme comes with several features. Durus free flash games wordpress theme comes with localization support.


  • Pagination ready
  • Supports Gravatar
  • Ads ready
  • Threaded comments ready
  • Widgets ready
  • Right sidebar
  • Fixed width
  • WordPress Custom menu feature
Installation Instructions:

  1. Upload the Durus theme to /wp-content/themes/ folder.
  2. Activate the Durus wordpress theme
  3. PSD's are available under psd folder which you can use it make changes as required.
Install and Activate the Required Plugins:
  1. wp-postratings
  2. wp-postviews
Initial Settings:
  1. Set PostView Settings
    1. Settings > PostViews
    2. Change the View Template to "Played: %VIEW_COUNT% times
    3. Change the Most Viewed Template to "<li><a href="%POST_URL%" title="%POST_TITLE%">%POST_TITLE%</a></li>"
    4. Click "Save Changes"
  2. Set PostRatings Options Settings
    1. Select Ratings > Ratings Options
    2. Select "stars" under Ratings Image
    3. Select No as "Show Loading Image with text"
    4. Select No as "Show Fading in and Fading out of the Ratings"
    5. Select "Registered Users and Guests" as "Who is allowed to rate?"
    6. Select "Logged by Cookie" as "Ratings logging method"
    7. Click "Save Changes"
  3. Set PostRatings Templates Settings
    1. Enter %RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE% as "Ratings Vote Text"
    2. Enter %RATINGS_IMAGES% as "Ratings Voted Text"
    3. Enter %RATINGS_IMAGES% as "Ratings No Permission Text"
    4. Enter %RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE% as "Ratings None"
    5. Leave the rest as is
    6. Click "Save Changes"
Adding Games:

While you are adding a new post, you will see 2 extra fields under content field. Write the game image url in Game Image URL and swf url in Game SWF URL fields, write the game description in content field, select category, add tags and publish your post.

Most Played and Highest Rated Games Pages:

• Enter Pages/Add New. Write a title like “Most Played Games”. Select “Most Played” from “Template” on right bar and Publish your page. Do not write anything in content field.
• Do the same for Hishest Rated Games but select “Highest Rated” as “Template”.


Theme supports WordPress menu function. Enter Appearance/Menus and create your menus. Create the main menu first. Then create top menu. Do not use sub items in top menu.

Theme download has been removed as it doesn't satisfies the TOS of our site.

Layout License: Creative Commons 3.0 Sharealike

premium wordpress themes free download